Monday, December 21, 2015

Sister Visit

A couple weekends ago my sister came out for a visit.  The kids were so excited to see her.  We mostly just hung out around our house.  On Saturday the pier was having a Christmas party.  The kids got to pose with the Grinch.  I thought it was a cute idea.  Leon didn't want to go near him.
We saw some people working on this Peanuts themed sand sculpture.  I was surprised that by the time we left a couple hours later kids were already messing it up, not mine.
We also did a quick Santa picture.  They had already done a few so it wasn't a priority.  Leon opted out.  When I ask him if he like Santa he says no.
They had lots of booths and vendors set up and so Talitha payed for the kids to ride these animals.  They thought it was great.  Good thing they have Aunts because it isn't something I would probably ever have paid for them to do.
Leon really wanted the Lion but Tucker had already started on it, so we waited for his turn to end.  Leon needed an adult rider.  He was crazy on it and loved it!  It steered us into the edge a lot and got upset when I tried to help with the steering.
We spent time on the beach walking and looking for shells.  I tried to get a picture of us with the sunset but it didn't work out how I imagined.
Here is us facing the sunset.
We made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers with the kids.
It was fun, but that night we woke up by Tucker and Penelope throwing up all night.  It was pretty bad.  I first thought he ate too much candy but that wasn't it.  They were pretty sick :( We didn't get to go to the zoo the next day.  Instead the kids stayed home and watched tv.
The non sick people drove into town and got donuts.  We also walked around a little bit near the zoo.  Then back home.  Leon ended up getting sick the next day, and Talitha the next.  Scarlett was sick a couple days beforehand and Bob and I got sick almost a whole week later.
Before everyone got sick Talitha taught us how to make Lasagna.  It was good and the kids loved helping.  They have even been asking for me to make it again.  In the picture you can see Penelope taking a picture.  Talitha gave the kids her old cameras.  I say old, but they are actually a good deal nicer than my first camera that I got when I was 18.
Since we had extra time around the house Talitha did my hair.  We ran to the store and picked up a few things.  She ended up using a spoon.  I think my hair looks good!
It was nice to spend time with my sister!

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Talitha said...

I was just going to blog about this tonight, good thing you beat me to it! It was a fun visit!