Monday, December 7, 2015

Sea World

One of my first big outings with the kids and not Bob was to Sea World. It went really well and I think that is because I told the kids that if they don't behave than I am not going to keep taking them fun places.  Everyone walks and we take turns carrying the backpack with our snacks in it.  I think it would be much harder with a baby but Leon is 2 and a half now and did a good job.
The thought it was cool they got to pet a shark.  I love the Sea Lion show, although I was a little surprised that it is the same show from three years ago.
This time we went to Elmo's playland and I just let the kids play for a long time.  Elmo and Zoe even stopped by for a bit.

It is a pretty cool play place, and I'm glad I let them do it for a while because the next time we went we found out it was closed for a month for maintenance.
Tucker wanted to get wet during the shamu show so we showed up a half hour early and got the best spot in the place.  They showed us on the big screen a couple times and the kids thought that was pretty cool.

It was fun until the end when we got drenched!  Tucker loved it, but everyone else was pretty miserable about it.
Leon didn't know what was going on.  I'm glad I put his hat on him during the show.
We were all cold and wet so we went home.  Well we started to go home but then I remembered we needed groceries so we froze in the store while I quickly tried to get stuff and then we went home.
After that day we make sure to sit back out of the soak zone.  Tucker still wants to get wet but no one else wants to

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