Thursday, December 31, 2015


Since we live so close to the beach Bob has gotten lots of chances to go surfing.  We fit this surf board in the car for the 20 hour drive out here he we better use it.  
 The water is a bit too cold for me, but lots of surfers go out in the water right in front of our house every day.  It ranges from about 1-20 people on any random day.  There is almost always one person out there regardless of the waves.  We must be in a decent spot for surfing because we didn't see this many people at our place in Coronado and that was in June.
Tucker also likes to go out on the boogie board, although he never really goes in very deep.  Bob started to get the hang of it.  He was able to stay op for a little bit.

The kids also love to dig and play on the sand.  We go to the beach almost every day and sometimes twice a day.  Our shell collection is growing.
Have a great New Year's Eve!

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