Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bob's Birthday

Now, to back track a little and post about Bob's birthday.

Bob doesn't really like to wait to open presents.  If we get a birthday card in the mail I make people wait until their birthday to open it.  Bob doesn't really care and just opens them when he gets them.   We usually do his birthday stuff after work at night but now that he is working at night he got to do the birthday stuff right when everyone got up.
The kids all thought it was hilarious that Scarlett wrapped her present in the styrofoam cooler we found in the house.  She got him tupperware.  They were cracking themselves up about how Bob was going to think it was a big present.

Leon got Bob a shirt to match his own.  Isn't this the cutest thing?  Tucker got one for Christmas, so now all the boys have matching superman shirts.
After presents we had cherry pie and ice cream at Bob's request.  Candles melt in the pie so we stick them into the ice cream.  We've learned from years past.

After hanging out a bit we headed out for pizza.  It was really windy and stormy that day, probably one of the worst since we've been here.  Not bad for most of the country, but for San Diego it was stormy.

This pizza was huge, you can't tell in the picture but it was 28" across.  It fed our family of 6 for more than one meal.
Bob didn't really want me to post this next picture but I thought it was cute.  All the kids were trying to touch their tongues to their noses like Bob, Scarlett was the closest.  I can't do it at all.
Happy Birthday Bob!

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