Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Donut Bar

Our condo in San Diego was about a half mile away from one of the best rated donut shops in the world The Donut Bar.  Of course I had to go multiple times a week.  I went on a morning jog everyday and it seemed perfect to end at the donut shop and get a hard earned donut (or 6) for a jog well done.

I always shard with the kids but they still wanted to go pick out their own.  Parking is really bad downtown and there is usually a line out the door at the shop and they sell out so I woke them up early one morning and we all walked down.  We got there about 20 minutes early and below you can see the line.

On the weekends they give out free balloons and a free donut to kids. I was amazed at how few kids were there.  I think I saw seven, including my own!  I just don't think a lot of kids live downtown.

The baker and owner of the shop came out and talked to us a bit.  He said the average donut shop makes about 600 donuts a day and then spends the whole next day selling them.  On the first day he opened he made that many and sold out in about 40 minutes.  Now he makes 2,800 everyday and sells out around noon.  It is a small shop and he said that is the max he can make and he makes the best donuts he possibly can.

The donuts cost more than most but they are also bigger than usual.  A regular dozen donut box fits six of their large donuts.  And they range from $2-$5 a donut.
Below you can see Tucker eating my very favorite donut, it has a poptart baked in the middle and a strawberry jelly.   They make a few based on the different poptart flavors.  The s'mores one is sooo good.

This time I tried the french toast donut.  It was a donut dipped and grilled like french toast.  They didn't grill it until after I ordered so it was very fresh.

Below are a few more of the donuts I've tried.  I took a picture of most of the donuts I've eaten, there are only a few that I forgot to take pictures of.

Strawberry split.

S'mores on fire (different from the s'mores poptart).

Nutella, forgot the name, poptart, lemon blueberry, apple fritter.

Monte Cristo with ham and cheese inside and headed in a waffle iron after I ordered it.

Crem brule, butterbeer, strawberry cream cheese, birthday, samoa, apple pie.

Caramelized coconut, the Homer donut, poptart, snickers (has a entire snickers bar on it), chocolate triple threat.

Assorted Halloween donuts.

Lemon chiffon.  I may have gotten some of the names mixed up but that is the best I can remember them.  And they still have tons more I haven't tried!

I've been to lots of donut shops and The Donut Bar is by far my favorite!  Way better than VooDoo donut, which I think it fun and one of the first donut shops of its kind but not as delicious as these.  Krispy Kremes are also really good and I love how they melt in my mouth, but these are a different kind of good.  Eating one of these is like eating a nice dessert.  And some of these I can only eat a half at a time.

I haven't been in over a week and writing this post is really making me want to go.  I went so much that the people there knew me and would ask about my kids!  I'm the person in line who answers everyones questions about which donut is which.  Bob hasn't really been taking part in my donut obsession and has only tried a bite here and there. While I've had dreams about this place and which donuts I'll order next.  Their menu changes daily so I usually look it up online before I go and come in with a list of the ones I want to try.  One time they were out of the poptart donuts when I got there at 8 and it threw off my day.  Next week I'm going again, I'll just have to figure out parking because we are definitely not within jogging distance anymore.