Friday, January 15, 2016

Border Field State Park

I've told a few people that we are staying close to the Mexican border but once they actually see where we are they realize how close we are.  We are in the southern most town on the coast and living on a dead end street on the beach and we are I think the third from last house on the dead end.  If you walk down the beach a ways you hit Mexico.  I can see from our house.  It is kind of cool to think about.  Before coming to San Deigo for the first time I didn't even realize how close it is to Mexico.

Because of the Tijuana river we can't actually walk to Mexico without crossing it the river.  So we drove around to this park and walked a mile and a half to the fence.  If we could have walked through the river I think it would be about 2 miles beach walking from our house to Mexico.  

There is a state park we went to check out.  It isn't much of a park just empty land.  The kids were disappointed there weren't toys.
And we made it to the fence.  I felt like it would have been super easy to just walk out into the water a bit and go around it.
When I went all the way up to it and reached through the border patrol officer drove up and put on his alarm at me.  I thought it was a little overkill because I was obviously not trying to climb the fence or anything.  Why have the fence and they say you can't get within 20 feet of it?  To me that means they should move the fence up to where they don't actually want people to go.  It was weird.  I was going to ignore the guy and go back to the fence to take pictures but Bob didn't like that idea.

On the way there and back home we drove through a pretty big puddle that had me nervous.  The kids loved it.
And we saw a street that we had to get out and take a picture in front of.  Leon kept talking about his street the whole way home.  Penelope wanted to know when we were going to stop and take a picture at Penelope street.
Overall it wasn't one of my favorite outings and not even all that enjoyable.  But we were living so close it just felt like something we should do.  I wanted to go to Mexico but we don't have our passports with us, and getting them didn't seem worth the trouble.

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