Thursday, January 14, 2016

Corvette Diner

We went to Corvette Diner with the family.  It was this really fun 50s type diner that reminded me of Happy Days and Grease.
We all wore the hats even though Tucker didn't want to.  I hope he isn't starting to think he is too cool for things like that.  I think he was just being grumpy because he doesn't like burgers.
I told Bob that malts were a must.  He didn't agree, but I think you have to get one if you go to a diner.  I didn't really like my burger, but I think I just ordered bad.  The other food seemed good.
The kids had the cutest little burgers.  I told Leon to take a big bite for the picture.  He didn't want to at first so Bob was trying to get him too.  I think it is cute.
When we first sat down the waitress came up to our table and threw about 20 straws on us.  The kids thought it was hilarious.  The whole place was pretty big and very decorated.  Notice the cards all over the ceiling?
After we ate we went over to the arcade for games.

I'm pretty sure the kids thought it was the coolest place they have ever been too.  

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