Friday, January 22, 2016

Phil's BBQ

Phil's BBQ is a great family restaurant.  I love the style of it.  It is a sit down restaurant but just a bit different than normal.  Everything about it feels like a regular sit down place but there are no servers and you order like you would at a fast food place.  You walk up, order, pay, and get a buzzer and sit down wherever you want.  When your food is ready your buzzer goes off and you go up to the counter and get it.  It saved so much time, I loved it!
 The food was pretty good too.
 We dared each other to put the lemons in their mouths.
 This was the second restaurant we went to here in San Diego where they told us we could sit in the "Reserved for large parties" table.  I guess our family of 6 is considered a large party. 

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