Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Potato Chip Rock Hike

The day after Christmas we went on a hike to Potato Chip Rock.  I was worried it would be too hard for the kids.  It was about 2.5 miles up the mountain and then the same going back down.  Everyone online said it was hard.  But they totally did it!  Leon even walked the whole way.  It was great.
 We took some pictures on a rock near the top.

 It was pretty cold at the top and super windy on the way back down.  There were moments when I felt like it could blow me over, I only imagine what it felt like for the kids.

We passed a teenage age group on our way back down and they looked tired.  One was cheering the others on.  When they saw us they said, "if they can do it than we can."  Little did they know that these kids are amazing hikers!  The only other kid we saw the entire time was a 12 year old girl.  And it was crowded.
We had to wait about 30 minutes at the top for our turn to take a picture on the rock.  Tucker was really scared and it was embarrassing.  Part of me wanted to make him do it but strangers were telling us not to make him.  That is when I started to get upset.  I hate it when people who don't even know me try to tell me how to parent the kids.  We ended up making Tucker climb onto the main area of the rock but not the overhang.  It was very high up in the air.  It is just as high as the first pictures I showed.  To contrast Tucker Leon was jumping around up there and it was hard to make him hold hands.  I felt completely fine walking up there.  But we saw others while waiting in line who wouldn't go up.  Or who were scared and would only slowly crawl up there.
 I felt really rushed with the pictures and want to go back to get more.  It is such a cool spot.
I think I'll go one morning without the kids and do it much faster, then spend twice as long taking pictures.  It was crowded, but we went the day after Christmas when most people had off work.  I think if I go early on a week day it won't be as crowded.

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