Monday, January 4, 2016


The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on the past year and to look to the year ahead.  I like resolutions because they help us become better.  The hard part is sticking with them.  We found some time to talk to the kids about this and ask them what their resolutions are.

Tucker: Read harder books, including two chapter books a week.
             Learn cool moves with the light saber.
             Learn to jump higher.

Penelope: Get better at reading, and read one easy chapter book by herself.
                 Get better at spinning on one foot.

Scarlett: Be better at choosing the right.
              Be better at listening to mamma. (so sweet!)
              Be better at prayers.
              Learn all the letters.

Leon:  Learn to use the potty (mom made up that one).
           Go to the pizza place?
           Go to the library?

Bob: Be able to bench press three plates on each side. 
         Read one book a week.

Doranda: Read the Book of Mormon with the study guide.
                Be more consistent in morning prayers and bed making.
                Learn to play with the kids more.
                Do the splits!
                Be happier.

I had to add in a couple sunset pictures.  I think this was the prettiest one yet.  I wasn't planning on taking more sunset pictures but this was too great to pass up.  I love how I can just step out on the balcony to get such amazing shots!

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