Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cabazon Dinosaurs

Our first stop on the drive home was at the Cabazon Dinosaurs.   They are featured in the movie The Wizard, Bob seems to talk about that movie quite a bit so I thought it was worth the stop.  A big part of the movie is about a child who went to see these dinosaurs when he was younger and I believe he ran away to go back and see them again.  
The kids loved it!  I'm glad we stopped, it was pretty fun.
We paid to go into the museum.  I would say that was worth it because it is the only way to climb up the t-rex.
The museum mostly just had these big robotic dinosaurs in it.
Then you get to go outside and dig for dinosaur eggs.  The kids enjoyed this.  It was funny because we all found one pretty quickly except for Bob.  For some reason he wasn't as lucky.  After a few minutes we all got one and went inside to trade them for a small prize.
Going inside the t-rex was the best part.

I thought the view from his mouth was neat.

I think road trips can be fun and I love to sight see while on the way!  Plus now Bob can check something off his bucket list.

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