Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The NAT and Science Center

We took advantage of the museum free day and checked out the NAT (natural history museum) and the Science center.  The kids had fun at both, but for one reason or another most of these pictures are from the NAT.
The kids have seen The Night at the Museum and were especially excited to see the dinosaur right when we walked in the front door.
The chalkboard seemed to be one of the kids favorite things.  I tried to move them along to something else, something we don't have at home... like the sculls.  It was fun trying to guess which animal they matched with.
Sorry the picture quality wasn't great.  We went on one of the few cloudy rainy days we had in San Diego and the lighting wasn't ideal for pictures (plus these are all from my phone).

Our whole family was cracking up over this machine.  It would take your picture and then let you put different facial features on top of your own.  The mouths and eyes even blinked and moved.  It was pretty hilarious.  I'm sure there are probably apps or websites that do it too.  I should look into that.  I could see the kids spending hours on something like that at home.

Although the science center seemed geared mostly towards children, that had a specific area that was similar to other children's museums we'd been to before.  With balls that go into suction things, and play kitchens and that sort of thing.  This was the kids favorite part, and we spent a considerable amount of time there.
One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we can get out of the house/classroom and learn in other ways! 

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