Wednesday, February 24, 2016

California Adventure

We spent our second day in California Adventure.  Since our first day was so much about Star Wars we went to visit Elsa and Anna first thing on our second day.  There was a very long line but the girls were excited.  Scarlett wore her Anna apron and Penelope wore her Fire Frozen one.  Fire Frozen is someone the kids kind of came up with on their own, she is pretty much Elsa but she shoots fire.
After that we got to take a drawing class from a Disney artist.  This was one of my favorite things we did there.  Tucker was talking earlier about becoming a disney artist when he grows up, so this was good for him too.
We sat in the front row while the artist gave directions on how to draw Mickey Mouse.  Scarlett and Leon pretty much just scribbled and were fine about it.  Penelope on the other hand sat next to me and got so upset with her drawing that she was silently crying.  She was so frustrated that it didn't look how she wanted it to look.  I felt a little bad for her but was honestly really into working on my own drawing and didn't give her a lot of attention about it.

At then end the artist told us that often times when you are drawing your picture wont turn out how you originally planned and about how it can be frustrating and you have to be ok about creating drawings that aren't very good.  Then he walked over and gave Penelope his Mickey Mouse picture.  It was very sweet.  She was really still upset about her picture though and we ended up staying there for a few minutes after everyone left until she felt better.  Below is a picture I took of the artists drawing.  I think it is cool that Penelope has a hand drawn Mickey Mouse from a Disney Artist.

And next is a picture of mine.

After that we headed over to a theater for a little History of Arendelle play.  It was a sing a long that Anna and Elsa also were at.

Then we saw Olaf, who is Leon's favorite.
After a while in the Frozen area, we headed over to Cars Town.
The Mater ride was one of the kids favorites, and one we did multiple times.  When we took this next picture the car talked right when the kids touched his teeth, so they thought that they were tickling his teeth and that that was hilarious.
We also met Lightning McQueen.  Leon was so funny because he wore his Lightening shirt and he kept going up to him pointing at his shirt saying "see, same like me."
I thought these gas pumps were cute but Penelope didn't want to take the picture.

We did a rider swap for the Cars ride so Leon got to see some extra characters because he wasn't tall enough for the ride.  The ride was super fun!  Tucker was braver by this point and chose to go on it twice even though it went pretty fast.
After Carsland we went on quite a few more rides.  I didn't get a lot of pictures of this but we did the big fast roller coaster, the carousel, and a lot more.  Penelope and Scarlett even liked Goofy's Fly school which was an older roller coaster that was fast with lots of turns and dips.  Ariels ride was one of their favorites.  And one of the best ones was the toy story ride. They loved riding around shooting at the game on on the wall.

Later we went to this fun outdoors type area where the kids earned their Junior Wildlife Explorer badge (from the movie Up).  This place was great, I think we could have spend hours here, but we didn't have time.

They had a zip line, slides, and a small rock climbing area.

Plus this huge net walk through that was fun.
We were supposed to eat dinner sometime around now, but didn't have time because instead it was time for the parade.
After that we did all the rides in the Bugs Life area.  We even went to the Tower or Terror for one of my favorite rides.  Tucker was scared and wanted to see what the girls thought of it before he went on.  So Bob took the girls and Tucker, Leon, and I did some more rides in the area.  When the girls got done they told him how scary it was and Tucker said their was no way he was going to go on it.  I went alone, which wasn't nearly as fun.  But it worked out really well because that ride shoots you up high and you can see the sky when your "elevator" flies out of the hotel.  Well, I got on the ride right when Disneyland's fireworks were going off.  So every time we got shot up into the air we got a great view of the fireworks, it was pretty cool.

And that was our day two.  I think this time we went to Panera for dinner.  It was a very long but amazing day!


Gayle Daly said...

I think Corinne's kids missed a lot of this stuff. We didn't see a parade in California Adventure....guess we just didn't do our homework. Looks like a really fun time for your family.

Bob said...

What Doranda didn't tell you is, the girls were not scared doing the "Tower of Terror". They were petrified! I felt like the worst person in the world for bringing a 4 and 6 year old on that ride. But they were super braze. They didn't scream or anything, and a couple people even commented to them about how braze they were. I really think they were soo scared they couldn't even scream.

Mary-Anne said...

I didn't see that outdoor play area when we were there, darn! It looks fun! We were the opposite about Tower of Tower...I hated that ride!! But Jacob loved it and wanted to keep riding it! Luckily Nathanael took him while I stayed with Hannah. Ha! So fun. All your posts are making me want to go back!