Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Point Loma

One of the last things I had on my "San Diego To Do List" was to go to Point Loma.  We went on a government holiday because we thought Bob would have the day off (he didn't) but because it was a holiday and a state park the parking was free.  He did have to leave and go straight to work and didn't get very much sleep that morning, but it worked out.
There were a few things to do there.  The highlight for me were the tide pools.  It was such a pretty area, and the kids had fun climbing on the rocks.

After we checked out the visitors center and the Cabrillo National Monument.  According to the website this is a pretty historic place.

"Climbing out of his boat and onto shore in 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo stepped into history as the first European to set foot on what is now the West Coast of the United States."

After that we went on a short hike, that I wouldn't really recommend and saw the light house, which was neat.
I think this was my first time actually going up in the tower of a lighthouse.  It was crowded going up the spiral staircase but we made it work.
Penelope and I took pictures of the staircase.
I love how many different parks and historical places there are in San Diego.  Bremerton has some parks, but I guess I just love exploring new places.


Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I have been to San Diego a few times but it was when I was much younger. I didn't realize there was much more to see than the Zoo! (haha)

Jacquelyn said...
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