Thursday, February 4, 2016

Last Sea World

So this is going to be my last SeaWorld post.  We went a lot of times so I definitely did not post about them all.  I did want to share a couple more pictures and videos though.  Before we went to San Diego I wasn't sure if we should get SeaWorld passes or not.  Now that we got them I am really glad we did.  They were expensive!  It was over $400 for our family to get tickets, but because of a deal they had going on we got annual passes and got to go as many times as we wanted.

On this particular day they had security guards checking random people.  It was pretty empty and tucker asked if he could get scanned.  They laughed and scanned him.
I loved going in the morning on a weekday.  It was ten times nicer than going on a weekend or even an afternoon.  The place was empty and that made all the difference.
(Bob did Penelope's hair)
The Bay of Play was the kids favorite thing to do at SeaWorld.  Forget petting the dolphins or seeing amazing killer whale shows, they wanted to go to the playground area.

When there is a short line to see the characters you get to play ring around the rosie with them.  The kids loved that.

It is nice that they have an area dedicated to toddlers.  They have a giant net play thing that is hard for anyone Leon's size or smaller so it is only fair that they have a toddler area.  Leon loved it, and the others were too big to go in.

This air bounce thing is like a bigger bouncier version of the toddler area.  Sometimes there is a line because they limit how many people can go in.  It never takes more than five minutes though.  On this day we our kids were the only ones there for a while so they let them jump as long as they wanted.  I took the video after a few more kids came in.

Near the entrance they have a few tide pools where everyone can reach in and touch the animals.  We touched sharks and sting rays, but the fish that eat the dead skin off your hands seemed to be everyones favorite.

Aside from the polar bear den area being so cold, it was actually pretty neat.  The whole inside is set up to look like you are living in a base on the Arctic.  You can also see the baluga whales and walruses from there.  They played polar bear sounds near this little ice area and Leon was really scared there was a real bear in there.  The first time we went he not only wouldn't go in he started crying and trying to pull Scarlett out.  It was sweet that he wanted to save her.  This is a video from after we have gone a few times.  You can still see he is pretty hesitant.

I loved going on these day trips with the kids!  It was so nice to to have to worry about other schedules or naps or anything like that.  We got really proficient at packing lunches and taking turns carrying our backpack.  The kids never got lost and didn't whine or run away nearly as much as I thought they would.  I am really going to miss it.

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