Friday, March 11, 2016

Dr. Suess Birthday

Last week was Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Most previous years it has come and gone without much notice by me.  Now that I am homeschooling I felt like I should do something to celebrate the great author.  We started with green eggs for breakfast.  I read Green Eggs and Ham while they ate.  And then a few more Dr. Seuss books that we love.

I decided I wanted to focus on the Lorax and teach them lessons from that book.  We started out by reading the book.  Ok, I didn't actually read it to them.  I had them watch a youtube video of someone reading the book, I had to clean up the kitchen and they did better voices than me anyway.

That was about as much as Scarlett and Leon did.  Penelope was at school by this point so Tucker and I continued with school.  We talked about being polite and using manners so we aren't like the Onceler.  We made a list of wants and needs.  And we went through the book, found made up words and wrote down possible definitions.

For math we talked about how much he charged for the thneeds and what different money combinations we could use to buy them.  We also figured out how much more money he would make if we multiplied it all by four (in the book they start to make them four times faster).

For science we talked about the environment and what we can do to protect it.  We also talked about recycling and Tucker did a paper where he separated out different things for the recycle, glass, plastic...

For art Tucker drew a picture of the Onceler and that night we all made Lorax puppets.
Once the puppets were made we all watched the movie together.  It was a great homeschool day, and I was a little surprised how much learning we did from that one book.

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