Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Grandma and Grandpa

We were all excited for Grandma and Grandpa Woestman to come visit us.  They were going to come back in October but because we got sent to San Diego that didn't happen.  Instead we rescheduled for once we got home.  

We also decided to do another late Christmas with them since they were coming out.  Because we weren't home for Christmas we didn't want people to send us gifts,  our kids got them all spread out this year.  It was kind of nice.

Grandma Woestman made the boys Jedi robes.  It was perfect because they couldn't be more into Star Wars right now and Tucker has complained on more than one occasion that the girls have dress up clothes and he doesn't.  Plus Leon is the cutest jedi ever.
In this next picture you can see Penelope holding a bag.  The girls got a $25 shopping spree with Grandma.  The ended up getting mini dolls that match their 18" dolls and coloring books/markers.  Penelope had a couple extra dollars and bought cookies which she nicely shared with everyone.
Then on Valentines day Grandma and Grandpa gave them all a Beanie Boo.  Penelope has been wanting the unicorn one for a while, so when Grandma asked for ideas I told her about it.  She bought it and was waiting for this visit to give it to her.  Meanwhile Penelope saved up enough money to buy it herself and begged me to take her to the store and let her buy it.  I had to stall her until grandma came.

It was so rainy when they came that we mostly just hung around the house.  The kids loved to play games and read books with their grandparents.  Before they came Penelope was telling me how one of her very favorite things to do is to play tickle monster with Grandpa.

We weren't planning on doing another project when they came, but when Bob is around his dad these things just happen.  I'm totally ok with it, it is a project I wanted to do.  I just hope Bob's parents were ok about working on the house while they were here.  I really appreciate it, and I know Bob loves to have help on the projects.  I usually am not much help other than telling him how I want things to look.

In these pictures they took the cable from the other side of the room and put it in the wall so there is now an outlet directly behind my tv.  No more cords hanging around, I love it.

On Sunday I had to go to church early so They got ready all on their own.  

We love it when they come to visit and are excited to see them again in only a couple months.

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