Thursday, March 31, 2016

Egg Decorating

We tried a couple new techniques this year while decorating eggs.  I bought a couple things last year after Easter for practically nothing and saved them for a year until now.  One was this spray paint thing.  It was pretty messy and not worth it.  I'd prefer the traditional dipping in colored water.  Tucker did think it was fun though.

Another thing we got was this cute egg holder and paint set.  The kids loved this one!  It was their favorite.  I think it was worth it because they just really loved to hand paint the eggs, and even leon could do it without the egg rolling around.

The last new one we tried was metallic paints.  This was the easiest, all we did was put a couple drops of paint in a baggie, add in the hard boiled egg and mush the paint around it.  No mess, and the colors were pretty.

Below are the final eggs.  Definitely kid quality.  Some years I like to see make some pretty eggs myself, but I didn't feel like it this year.

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