Friday, April 1, 2016


After church on Easter I took some pictures of the kids.

Easter is such an important day.  This year I spoke in church about Christ's resurrection, so I spent a long time getting ready for that.  I really felt like I took the time to focus on the real reason for the holiday.  But on the other hand I was so busy with getting ready for my talk that I probably didn't teach the kids as much about our savior as I should have.  We did read a story about the saviors life and did one family home evening lesson on it... Hopefully they listened to my talk.

On Saturday before Easter we went to another's churches big outside Easter egg hunts.  I love them because they are usually quick and the kids can get a lot of candy.  This one we went to had a drawing for Easter baskets after the hunt was over.  But before the drawing they just picked someone from the audience to give out a giant stuffed hippo to.  And they picked Leon!  It helped that Bob was holding him up in the air.  Then for the drawing all our kids got chosen except for Penelope.  Leon even got picked so we told them to pick someone else instead.  It was sad for Penelope but the other kids were good at sharing with her.

We did our own hunt at home after I finished the pictures.  We like to actually hide the easter eggs.  Whereas at these big church ones they are just set out on the grass.  The kids said they wanted them hard and I think two eggs were never found.  This year a friend gave me the idea of doing a different color egg for each child.  That way they can all go at the same time, and they all get the same amount of eggs.  I can make sure I am hiding the older kids eggs harder than the younger ones.  It worked pretty well.

Bob took a picture of me filming the whole thing.

And Bob was so amazing that while I was taking the Easter pictures of the kids he made dinner.  A full out ham and everything!
I am truly grateful for the Savior and his resurrection.  I know that he is alive today and because of that we all will be alive again after we die.  I love my family so much I couldn't imagine not being with them forever!

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Sister Swift said...

Such beautiful photos. It is nice to see Scarlett's hair getting long again.