Monday, March 7, 2016

Late Christmas and Bean Boozled

My sister, Talitha, and I had each other this year for our Christmas gift exchange.  Since I was out of town in San Diego we decided to just get together and do a late Christmas type thing when we got back.

They are in the process of remodeling their kitchen so it was fun to get to see all the changes they made.  We had a fondue dinner and it was so good!  I think it was the kids first experience with fondue so they thought it was fun.  There was a lot of trying to figure out who put which stick in the pot, but nothing we couldn't handle.  The chocolate was divine.  My very favorite was to dip rice crispy treats into the chocolate.

We took a break from fondue and opened presents.  

Talitha a David got us a pretty unique gift.  They made a cute book about our lives and then after a couple pages it said we had to choose what was next.  It was a choose your adventure book, and whichever one we decided would be our present.  It was tough to pick because it wasn't clear what we were choosing.  Once we decided what sounded good we got to go to the page and find out what we really got.  Here are the two choices we narrowed it down too:

1) Bob and Doranda both are competitive and athletic so if they are up for more of a challenge they should turn to page 21.

2) If Bob and Doranda feel like being kids again themselves then they should follow their hearts to page 25.

There were 8 choices and it was hard to decide.  I thought it was fun to pick, but Bob was getting stressed that we would make a bad choice.
We went with page 21 and got "PAINTBALL FOR TWO!!! Babysitting included."  It was perfect.  I've never been and really want to go.  After reading through what all the presents really were I think we got the best one.  Page 25 was to go skating and have dinner at the snack bar.  

They also got us the game Bean Boozled.  I have to say playing it was interesting.  For those who don't know the game it is based off of how in the Harry Potter books they make EVERY flavor of beans.  In this game they have lots of beans, and you spin to see which color you have to eat.  But there are two flavors of each color, one good and one nasty.

I took some videos of us playing.
Tucker got two gross ones, spit them out each time, and was done playing.

Penelope did really well, and seemed to even like some of the gross flavors like dog food.

Scarlett had fun, but after a couple rounds got a Skunk one and had to spit it out.  She was done after that.

Leon seemed to enjoy all the beans and said they were yummy even though many of them were not.

I managed to eat stinky cheese, and booger.  I didn't pull out a single good one.  On my third turn I got barf flavor, it was sooo bad.  I had to spit it out and now I don't want to play anymore.

Bob seemed to get lucky on his turns.  He did get one bad one but it was toothpaste flavor, which must have been the best bad flavor.

Thanks Talitha and David, we had a blast!


Mary-Anne said...

What a fun and creative present!! Maybe they'll get us next year! Ha ha. 😉

Talitha said...

Your welcome! We can't wait to hang out with the kids all day :)