Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Plolice Station

I recently went on two field trips to the Police station.  We've lived here for seven years and I've never gone.  Then a couple weeks ago two completely separate field trips were planned, and I went along.  One for cub scouts and one for preschool.  

For me the cub scout trip was a little more exciting.  Probably because the boys were more excited about it.  We toured the station.
The boys had lots and lots of questions.

Then we went outside and saw not only their car and...
The K9 unit.
It was pretty cool because the kids got to wear the arm sleeve and let the dog bite them.  I wanted to do it but we were short on time.

When I went with the preschool we had to park on the street and walk a couple blocks.  I also had three of my own children with me, I love my kids but this might be part of the reason why it wasn't quite as fun.  That, and the fact that it was my second trip in a short amount of time.

Some of the kids had questions, but mostly they were pretty shy.  Scarlett wouldn't ask anything.  After the Q&A and the tour they also saw the car.
The kids loved this part.
And here is a picture of the preschool.  I enjoyed going with them too :)

And just my kids.

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