Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Fools Pranks

I love April fools day!  Some years I have more time to plan it out than others.  This year was very last minute.  My kids have come to expect me to do something to their food so it is getting harder to come up with new ideas.  The night before April Fools day I got their cereal ready and put it in the freezer!  It worked really well.  After pulling it out of the freezer I added a little bit of milk on top so it looked fresh.  The kids were expecting me to do something silly but when they saw their cereal they thought it was regular cereal and that I wasn't doing something... until they tried to eat it.

Penelope and Tucker weren't happy when they found out.  Leon and Scarlett were diligent about eating it anyways.

That was probably the best trick of the day.  I also switched them in their beds again.  I did it last year with just the girls and Tucker complained that I didn't switch him and Leon.  But when I went in the night before to get him out of bed and put him in Leon's bed he was not happy with me.  In fact, my kids act like they want me to play tricks but every time I do they get mad.  The only one that Tucker and Penelope were happy about was when I told them I was going to give them dirt for dessert but it was really an pudding oreo dessert with candy worms.

I had another trick that didn't go very well but I think would be great if I tried it again.  I filled up a helium balloon and wrote April Fools on it.  Then I stuck it in the toilet and closed the lid.  It was supposed to pop up and fly out when they opened the lid.  Instead it got all wet and just stayed in the toilet.  I think I'll try it again next year with either a smaller balloon so it doesn't get wet, or a bigger balloon so it is strong enough to fly up even when wet.

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