Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Leon's Birthday Photography

Leon turned three!  He is learning and growing so quickly I can hardly keep up.  We went out and took birthday pictures the other day.  I usually take them a couple days before his birthday but I was a little late this time and didn't get it done until a couple days after.  Of course Scarlett cut his hair the very day we went out to take pictures.  I did my best, but the front is a little chopped up.

Leon did amazing for his pictures.  He still has a great natural picture smile.  I hope he doesn't loose that and start doing a fake one for the camera.  Whenever he said he didn't want to do the pictures anymore I just told him I would give him a candy when we were done and he perked right up.

We went to the doctor and everything looks great!  I am not concerned but the doctor said that strangers should be able to understand 3/4 of what he says and we are not there yet.  She wants to check back because she saw fluid in his ear and wants to make sure they aren't related.  I think Leon has been talking well from the start and I'm sure he will be easier for people to understand as he gets older.

Weight: 32lbs 57%
Height: 40" 95% 

Leon is tall and has been since he was one.  I think he will be the tallest of the kids when they are grown.

Leon is potty trained.  We started teaching him in February and after a couple weeks of him not getting it at all things started to click.  About two more weeks after that of trial and error and he had it down.  I really wanted to get it done before his birthday and he did it. After 8 and a half years I officially don't have any kids in diapers!

Leon is so sweet.  He loves to sit on my lap and cuddle with me.  I think he is the most snuggly out of all the kids.  Its probably because when all my other kids were three we already had a baby they had to fight for attention with.  It is nice to get to spend more time with him.

I love holding his hand.  He is funny because he always holds hand hard.  He has a good grip.

Leon is a very smiley happy guy.  When he gets upset it is cute and we can usually get him to change his mind about whatever he is upset about.  It takes him about two seconds to go from sad to happy.  Once he changes his mind will switch and give a big smile then sillily walk away.

Being the youngest of four Leon definitely has learned to fight get our attention.  The other kids will try to talk over him a lot but he will now yell until they are quiet and let him speak.  He can also be a bit spoiled.  He insists on always sitting on my lap or being first for things.  I think he is a bit more spoiled than the others were.

Here he is trying to show his sad face.  It isn't his actual sad face, which is super cute, but I still like the picture.

Leon loves superheros.  He loves, SuperWhy, Batman, Jedi, and Ironman especially.

Leon also likes to play games and do anything with me.  He will help me with laundry or sit on the counter while we cook.  He has been into Jenga lately and riding his no pedal bike.  When the doctor asked him what he likes to play he said, "with mama."  Isn't that sweet?
I love Leon and am so happy his is in our family!


Gayle Daly said...

He is such a cute boy. He sounds like the typical baby of the family. I'm a baby of my family and I'm pretty sure I was spoiled, but I always say I was spoiled, but not a brat. There's a big difference I think. Leon appears to be a wonderful happy little boy!

Mary-Anne said...

He's such a cutie!! He is tall! Excited to see you guys next month.