Thursday, April 7, 2016

Birthday Party

This year I had a little help getting ready for Leon's birthday party.  Tucker and Penelope were really into it.  So once Leon went to bed they stayed up and blew up balloons.  It was so nice!  I love balloons but blowing them up is not fun.  Instead I hung up a banner and wrapped presents.  We moved the balloons to outside his door.  Tucker even made a little course for Leon to go through when he woke up.

For breakfast Leon wanted pancakes so Bob made him a special one with a bat symbol on the top made out of powdered sugar.

After that the girls and I went early to the parade and the boys hung out around the house.  We picked up the birthday festivities after naps.  Leon wanted macaroni and cheese for dinner.  After dinner he opened presents.
He loved that it was "his" birthday and that all the presents were for "him."  The main present we got him was a new bed.

Leon has been in a crib up until this point and I have been dragging my feet switching him out.  We've always moved our kids out of the crib sooner because we needed the crib for a baby.  But not with Leon.  I loved having him in a crib because he stays in every time until I get him out.  He can totally climb out, but he never does.  I was worried that would end with the toddler bed.  Luckily now that it has been a couple weeks I can say that he stays in his toddler bed and waits for me to come get him every morning and after every nap.  It is so nice!

This bed is great by the way. It starts as a toddler bed and extends all the way to a twin bed.  We used it with Tucker and have been saving it all this time for Leon.  The girls never used it because they went straight into the bunk beds.

Leon loves batman!  So of course we had a batman theme.

I wish I got a picture of the inside of the cake.  It was four layers with bright yellow frosting in between each one.  It looked pretty cool.

I love having these little family birthday parties.  They are so much easier than inviting people and doing something crazy.  Not to be conceded but we are the most important people to Leon and he didn't mind at all that we didn't do anything big.

Happy Birthday Leon!


Gayle Daly said...

I love that you do family parties instead of outrageous over the top kid parties! I wondered why the cake blowing clip time was so long - and then I watched it. Pretty darn cute that boy!!!

Mary-Anne said...

Fun!! Cute cake. We always just do family parties too. I'm sure they'll start asking for friends ones soon....but until they do, we're sticking with just the family!