Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kids Day at the YMCA

While Bob went on a campout with the young men I took the kids to kids day at the YMCA.  They had a lot of booths set up and things for the kids to do.  It was really fun!  
They had two face painters and one had her own paint and was really good.  The other was probably good as well but her paint wasn't working.  I was really impressed with the first lady.

In this next picture the kids were throwing bean bags into a whole.

They got to pretend to be life guards.

These fun clowns made balloon animals for them.  The clown told them that every time one popped it meant someone's wish came true.  At the time I didn't think much of it.  But later when we got home Scarlett's balloon popped.  I was bracing for the big melt down but she just smiled and said, "Mom someones wish came true!"  Thank you clowns.

They gave out free helmets!  Usually they ask for a donation, but not this time.  Just straight up free helmets.  I like them because they are so bright I figure there is less of a chance they will get hit by a car.  They could have orange or black and I made them all choose orange.  Leon didn't get one because they were out of the small size.  He was pretty sad about it.

The kids also played in a bounce house and a giant bouncy slide.  It was a good day!

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