Thursday, May 12, 2016


I've been playing a monthly bunco game with some friends for over a year now and I finally won!  For those who don't know the game it is a completely luck game with dice that is so easy.  We mostly just play to to socialize and get together.

Anyway, we've been passing around Bunco Beaver every month.  If you win you take her home and "proudly display" her in your home until next month.  You are also supposed to add something to her when you bring her back.  She has glasses, earrings, and lots of other things.  Any ideas what I should add?

After the game ends we have a white elephant gift exchange.  And the winner gets their choice out of everything.  Of course the one time I win I also happen to open the best gift ever.
This magazine actually has the articles in it.  I think it is pretty hilarious.


Talitha said...

haha that's funny. The beaver looks pretty decked out. The only thing I can think of to add is a pacifier?

TheWonder Ways said...

Wow, do people tell you that you look like a young Gweneth Paltro a lot? When I first saw your picture I thought you were her!