Friday, May 13, 2016


I pulled a few random pictures off my phone.  These are the types of things I usually post on instagram so follow me here if you want more current pictures.

I discovered MOD pizza and love it!  The reasonably priced brick oven pizzas where I get to choose all my own toppings.  What could be better?  I really need to take Bob here.  He loves making his own pizzas and we never agree on toppings.  Now we can each have our own!

Every morning I go into my kids room to "wake them up".  The girls are usually already awake but aren't allowed to come out and start the day until I get them.  I love this rule!  I started it way back when I was pregnant with Penelope and Tucker kept slowly waking me up earlier and earlier.  Now I get up before the kids and have a little time to myself before I get them up at 7:45.  If they are up before then, they are welcome to get themselves dressed and read in their rooms.  The other morning I walked in and didn't see them.  I heard some giggles over by the dresser and surprise I found them.  They thought it was hilarious!

I saw the original Land Before Time was on Netflix and played it for Scarlett and Leon.  I forgot how sad and semi scary it was.  They were both covering their eyes.  I thought it was cute.

I went out with friends and tried a new restaurant.  It was so fun.  I love to get out and have girl time.

Now that the weather has gotten nicer I've been going on jogs after the kids go to bed.  Bob acutally has been putting them to bed while I jog.  One night I came back and Penelope made me this sweet note.  I couldn't have come at a better time because Tucker was borderline crying that I came home.  He loves it when I'm gone at night because often when I'm gone Bob will do a boys night with him.  Anyway Tucker almost made me sad and then I saw Penelope and she gave me the note.
In case you can't read it it says "I like mom I mis you wen you lev (leave) you are nis (nice) I don't like it wen you lev.  From Penelope  To Mom"

Another night I came back and saw Leon waving to me from his room.  It was cute.  He started waving before I even got back to the house.  He must have been watching for a little bit.  His bed is right by the window so he is standing on his bed in the picture.
Those are few tidbits from my life!

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