Monday, May 23, 2016

Unicorn Birthday Party Games and Decorations

Scarlett asked for a unicorn party and I thought it was a great idea!  For decorations we pretty much went with rainbows and it worked out well.  On the ceiling we used table cloths from the dollar store, and Bob built this great ballon arch.  He blew each of those balloons up himself while I worked on the cake.

I bought these rainbow lollipops for party favors.  I really wanted the wand or unicorn shaped ones, but they only had one left at the store.  I even went to two stores and checked back later with no luck.

I also made these cute unicorn horn headbands.  They were super easy and took about 10-15 minutes each.  It doesn't sound too long but I made ten so it really added up.  The kids loved these though!  It was probably the best thing I did for the party.

When the kids first got to the party I gave them all their horns and let them crawl around like unicorns for a few minutes.  After everyone arrived we just talked a little bit.  They were funny making their unicorn sounds.

The night before the party we watched a movie and while we did that I painted a horse ready and waiting for the horn to be added.

Penelope was really upset when she got her horn pinned on the wall.  She cheered up a bit after someone else put theirs on the wall too.

Aside from pin the horn on the unicorn we played a few games.  We played "horse, horse, Unicorn."  The kids did great at taking turns and not crying when they didn't get picked.

The last game we had time for was really simple.  We timed the kids putting all the ballons inside the hula hoops.  It was harder than they thought it would be at first.

We also opened presents and a did a relay where we used streamers to add hair to our unicorn (we used the same one we pinned the horns on).

For the unicorn cake I went really simple and just added a ton of sprinkles!

I added a fondant unicorn on the top.  The unicorn looks nothing like the picture, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  This is probably one of my favorite kids cakes.  Super easy and the kids thought it looked sooo good.  What kids doesn't want a ton of sprinkles.

We went out side to eat cake, because we don't have room in our kitchen for that many people.  Then the kids just played outside and jumped on the trampoline until their parents came to pick them up.
All in all it went really well.  Much easier than I thought it might be.


Candace Hampton said...

Looks like such a fun party! I'm sure the kids really enjoyed that cake with all those sprinkles :)

Gayle Daly said...

You could be a party planner!

Jaisy Bonie said...

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