Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lehi Visit

Because we drove down to Utah for Ben's wedding we made sure to visit other family too.  Our first stop was Lehi to visit my brother Nathanael and his family.  We got there right at bedtime and all though his kids were already in bed I think ours woke them up and they ran around and played for a while.  I love how even though kind might not have seen each other for years it usually doesn't take long for them to all be best friends.

The next morning we went to the Curiosity Museum.  It was so cool!  We could have spent days there.  The kids started getting tired and hungry though so we probably only played in about half the museum before heading back for lunch.

I didn't get any pictures of it but they had this cool small pitch black maze.  You have to crawl through it just feel your way around.  It was scary for me and I kept having to turn back.  Then Jacob came in with a light and I saw how ridiculously easy it was.  

After lunch and naps we went to their neighborhood park.  Their neighborhood is gigantic and I think they said is its own stake.  Lots of backyards had in ground trampolines and that reminded me that I want one of those.  I think we were holding off until we move somewhere more permanent.  I just somehow forgot all about the idea until I saw the many in their neighborhood.

We also watched Jacobs soccer practice, which is also in their neighborhood.  We let them squish and double buckle, and go without boosters.  That seemed to be more of a normal thing when I was a kid.  This might have been my kids first time even though they weren't really the ones doubled up.

That night we had s'mores in the back yard.  It was really hot during the day, but cooled off quit a bit once the sun went down.

Here are the cousins together.
Jacob was nice enough to let us sleep in his room and all the kids slept in Hanna's room.  Jacob was making me laugh and he made sure to show us how bouncy his bed is.
Thanks Nathanael and Mary-Anne for letting us visit!  Hopefully we can do it again before too long!

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Mary-Anne said...

Fun to see you guys! You just need to move closer so we can see you more. :) The kids still talk about their cousins! You got some cute pictures, too. Jacob is pretty proud of his big, bouncy bed! Ha ha!