Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Day of School

Yesterday was Penelope's last day of school.  I think she enjoyed school even though she didn't ever want to go.  She really wanted to homeschool, but I felt like she needed to go to school.  Looking back I think we made the right decision.  The whole setting of going away from me with a big group of strangers was extremely hard for her.  We had weeks of her crying begging me to stay.  She grew so much throughout the year.  I thing going through that challenge was a big learning experience for her.  I'm not saying she won't be scared next time, but now she knows that she can do it.

Here she is with her amazing teacher!
The week before school got out they had dress up days.  This was another challenge for her.  She would talk about what she wanted the night before and then in the morning say she didn't want to wear it.  Each day I had to almost force her to dress up, but every time she came home from school she told me she was happy she did it.  The first day was career day and I missed the picture.  She dressed up as a ballerina.

Next was Cowboy vs Pirate day.  We had cowboys and girls at our house.

Scarlett was so nice to let Penelope borrow one of her new dress up outfits.

Tucker had fun leaning up against walls all day with his hat over his face.  A teacher took this and emailed it to me.  We were there waiting for Penelope to come out.

Next was Hawaiian day.  This was the easiest one to get her to wear.

And lastly was wacky day.  She did not want to dress up wacky.  But she had been talking about doing cupcake hair for months since she saw a picture of it online.  So we gave it a try.

I'm glad school is over too.  It is going to be so nice not to homeschool or walk Penelope back and forth from school for a few months.

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Sarah Isis D said...

The cupcake hair is so cute and fun!