Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pre-Wedding Party

The night before Ben's wedding they had a party type reception.  It was outside at the church building.  It was super hot that day, but cooled off nicely for the reception.  Instead of cake they had and ice cream Sunday bar.  It was very cute and delicious!

Everywhere you go in Ogden seemed to have a great mountain background.  I'm not used to it but loved looking at the mountains whenever I turned around.

My niece Amery came so we took a picture together.

Tucker was making silly faces.

They had these huge balloons that were a hit with the kids.  Not only did they look cool, but after it was over the kids got to take them home and play with them.  These huge balloons really lifted, and I could feel them pulling my arm up when I was holding them.

There was a little dance area, but we didn't do a lot of dancing, which is sad because I love dancing.

Ben and Jacee had a lot of pictures up and I felt like I needed to take some more selfies of my own.

Here Bob and I are doing our best Leon smiles.

We had plenty of time to hand around and chat with everyone.  The kids even played on swings, it was semi casual and a lot of fun!

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benilhalk said...

Awesome photographs you have shared! It reminds me of my friend’s wedding arranged at one of exotic New York wedding venues. I went there along with my sister. All other friends were present there. It was an amazing and enjoyable day.