Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bainbridge Island Rotary Sale

The kids and I were really excited to go to the Bainbridge Island rotary sale this year.  I had hight hopes I would fine the perfect dresser to go in my room.  Unfortunately no luck with a dresser, but we did have fun.  This year we parked in the church parking lot and rode the bus over.  I love how the whole community gets together and donates their time and services to make this happen.  The bus ride was exciting enough for the kids.  They are always wanting to ride a bus.

We got there just in time.  I think we waited about five minutes before they annouced it was time and everyone ran it.  This is like the black Friday of garage sales.  We didn't run, but I took this picture of the people in front of us waiting.  This was at one of three entrances.  Crazy right?
After scoping everything out for about two hours we were ready to go.  Here we are carrying our gear.
The kids got a bunch of toys, not that they need them, and I got these suitcases and globe.  Of course none of the suitcases fit inside of each other and I got them in the first five minutes.  So we struggled carrying them around the whole time.

I do like how they look on my bookshelf though!
I copied this from their website because I can hardly believe it:
"The 2016 Auction & Rummage Sale was another HUGE – RECORD SETTINGsuccess, with revenues of over $557,000."
On our drive home there was an accident on the only bridge to get on and off the island so we sat in our car for a looooong time.  It was hard on the kids.  And my sister was meeting us at our house afterward so she had to stall a little bit so she didn't beat us.

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