Friday, July 15, 2016

Bowling Day

This summer we came up with a bucket list of fun things we want to do and on that list was bowling.  It always seems like we have so much time to do things but when I looked at the calendar to pick a day I realized that we needed to go the very same day or we probably wouldn't have a chance to go this summer at all.  So we quickly finished our morning chores and headed out.
The kids came up with their own bowling names that we put up on the tv. We had: Dude, Princess, SparkleShine, and Batman.

The kids each played two games, mostly using bumpers and this ramp.  I was mean and made tucker actually bowl it without the ramp.  He's got to learn sometime right.  I figure eight and up should learn to actually roll the ball by them selves.  Tucker did much better on his second game.  But still needs a lot of practice.
I love how the kids aren't in school and we have more time for things exactly like this!

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