Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hobbit House and Trains

When I first heard about this hobbit house in Port Orchard and have wanted to go.  It looked cute online and when we arrived it did not disappoint.  Just as cute and picture perfect as the internet says ;)
Its located at a greenhouse so after looking around taking pictures, and playing a while we walked through the store.  Penelope found some things she wants for her fairy garden.
I decided I want one of these hobbit houses in our backyard.  It is so much cuter than the plastic playhouse we have now.
The inside was just tall enough for me to stand up.  Bob had to hunch down.  It was small but had a fireplace inside.

Before heading home we went to ride the minni trains.  Its on our summer bucket list and something we do at least once a year.
We were freezing the whole time!  It was windy and in the 60s.  Seriously what is up with this summer?

One thing we've never done before was walk around the woods near the trains.  There are a few paths so we explored a bit.  Called it a nature walk and checked another thing off our summer list.

I like how pretty it is where we live.  Trees and woods everywhere, it is great!

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