Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Sand Lot

Recognize this?

Bob and I both grew up watching The SandLot.  It is pretty much a classic.  This summer we thought our kids were old enough to watch it.  I saw it on Netflix so on a Friday night we got ready to watch it.  After a couple minutes in I turned it off and we stopped watching it.  The boys call each other a lot of mean names I didn't really want my kids learning.  I know I am pretty strict in what they watch/hear.  So instead we got it on vid angel.  I love vid angel. It costs the same as redbox and you can stream edited movies right to your tv.  Plus you can customize exactly how they edit it.  So I went through online and took out all the choice words I didn't like.  I think there ended up being 67, not that I individually had to take out each one, but we ended up somewhere around there. And the movie is just silent while they are cutting out words.  A few times the kids asked why they couldn't hear what they were saying and we told them it is because it is a very old movie.

 It was the perfect movie!  Just enough suspense and excitement without being overly scary.  Now I think I won't get as much resistance when I try to take them outside to play catch.

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