Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blackberry Cake

For my birthday this year (I'm 29 now!) I wanted this blackberry lemon cake.  Bob offered to make a cake for me but every year I like to try something new and extra fancy so I usually tell him that I'll make my own.  This cake was fun because we even picked our own blackberries.  I usually opt for something chocolate but it was so hot I wanted something a bit lighter.

I turned out messy and not at all like the picture, but I like how it tasted.

The kids thought it looked pretty even though it was messy and goopy.  I think the girls would say anything pink looks beautiful.

I forgot to get pictures, but Bob and I were in Canada on my actual birthday.  When I got home Bob's mom and the kids made cinnamon rolls and put a candle in them and sang to me then.  Then a couple days later I went out to eat with friends, it was great!