Thursday, August 4, 2016

Princess Day Camp

Penelope and Scarlett went to princess day camp.  Talitha set it up for them and because it is close to her house they stayed the night with her a few nights so I only had to make the hour drive out three times.  The girls absolutely loved it!

Everyday they learned about a particular princess.  They had tea parties, dress up,  did crafts, and played.

The camp was five days long.  Tuesday was picture day so my sister curled their hair.
Friday was coronation day.  The girls were encouraged to wear fancy dresses.

Penelope and Scarlett wanted princess hair.  Normally I love doing their hair, but we had to leave the house by 7:45 and I had to do their hair as quickly as possible.  It turned out cute.

I came early to see the coronation.

They also sang a few songs that were pretty cute.
The place was so cute!  It made me want to move and get a big girls room for me to redecorate for Penelope and Scarlett.

I really want one of these chandeliers.

Ever since Disneyland Merida has been their favorite princess. They were really excited to see her again, and  I was a little worried but didn't seem to notice any differences in when they saw her last time.

Thanks Talitha for setting this up for them.  I'm sure they would have never gotten to do it without you.


Gayle Daly said...

That looks like a really sweet time for them.

Talitha said...

I'm glad you videoed the coronation so I could see it too! Thanks for letting them spend time with me! I have a few more pics of them if you need more.