Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Track Camp

This was Tucker and Penelope's first year going to track camp.  I knew about it before but was hesitant to send them because we don't really know anyone there including the leaders.  I felt a little more comfortable this year because Penelope was old enough to go and I could send them together.  Learning to run fast and properly seemed to be a good skill that can help in all sports.  It is very close to our house and the cheapest day camp around so we decided to go for it.  Here they are on their first day.
Every day when I picked them up they only had good things to tell me.  They both seemed to love it.

On Friday the families were invited to come and watch a track meet.  It was kind of boring it was only my kids turn for a fraction of the almost three hours but we stayed and supported the whole time.

They did standing long jump and running long jump.

I was worried about it being too hot, but not this summer.  They had sweaters on almost everyday. 
And obstacle run, which Penelope flew through.  I was really surprised how fast she went on this.

The javelin.  Neither of my kids liked this one.  Penelope actually slipped and fell while throwing it.  I was waiting for her to start crying but she didn't and went on to try her second throw.  I'm pretty sure if that would have happened at our house she would have ran to me crying.
They also has 50 and 100 meeter races.

And the hurtles.  Tucker got pretty into these and wanted to practice them at home.
At the end of the "track meet"  they didn't do any awards but the did write down the kids scores on their number.  I took a picture of it so I can save it to compare if we do it again next year.
I only wish that they spent more time teaching the kids how to just plain run.  They did several different events, that they didn't do at the track meet, like high jump and relays, but they never taught them how to hold their hands or where to look while running.  They didn't even teach them to run through the finish line.  I think Tucker and Penelope learned a lot about the different events that they had never tried before, but I'm not sure they are better runners because of the camp.
I'm glad they had fun, and I think it was worth it.