Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bird Poop

While everyone plays in the water I mostly just sit back and relax.  I usually have one or two kids near me playing in the sand and that is exactly how things were when the incident occurred.  Leon was standing next to me talking, I was sitting in a chair, and Bob's chair was empty while he was out in the water.
I didn't even see anything happen but all the sudden Leon got upset and seemed confused.  I looked over and saw the bird poop on the chair right next to me.  I laughed and told Leon that a bird pooped on daddy's chair.  I thought he would laugh but instead he got sad and said a bird pooped on him.  I wasn't quick enough to stop him before he put his hand on his head and right into bird poop.  Sure enough a bird pooped on the chair and on Leon's head.  It was pretty funny.

Here are some random pictures off my phone I took while on the beach.

I love jogging on the beach!  The ocean is so calming, it is nice to know I'm not going to get hit by a car, and it is flat!  I usually keep an eye out for these cool turban shells, I've got a few since we've been here.
Often we will try to step outside just before seven to watch the sunset.  

The beach definitely has its perks.

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