Thursday, September 22, 2016

Penelope Photography

Today this amazing girl is turning seven!  We went out and took pictures to commemorate the day.
Although she still seems so little and cute to me she really has grown.  It is hard for me to believe that she is 7-years-old!
She lost quit a bit of teeth over the summer and the front ones are now starting to grow back in.
Penelope loves to dress up and accessorize.  She almost always has on a headband and these sunglasses are her new favorite thing.  She even told me very thoughtfully, "This is my fravrite because I just got it.  If I get another one that will be my fravrite."  She likes presents and new things.
She thinks a lot about things and sometimes it cracks me up.  One day she said, "Mom what is a servant?" I'm like, "Someone who has to do everything another person wants without getting paid.  They don't have a choice and they have to do everything for that person."  Then she pauses for a moment and says, "I wish you were my servant."   Haha, the kids all think I'm their servant but at least she is honest about it.
Penelope still loves her blanket and I'm kind of waiting for the day when she grows out of it.  She tells me, "Mom, if I have an owie I hug my blankie and it makes me feel better."
Sometimes Penelope can be very kind and nice to me and sometimes not.  For example, we were doing freewriting for our homeschool.  I set the timer and the kids had 6 minutes to write anything they wanted.  She first complained and threw a huge fit about not wanting to do it.  She silently stonewalled me, made mean faces and everything.  After a while when she calmed down we all sat down and wrote.  When she was done she read her paper.  It was something like.  "I love mom, she is the best mom."  This wasn't any sort of apology she was completely over the earlier tantrum and just likes to write nice notes about me. :)
Penelope is fun to have around the house.  She plays a lot with Scarlett and it seems like they fight a lot too.  I guess that is sisterly love.  We are working on more nice talking and less needing to have it our way.
Penelope really wants to continue homeschooling but when she is in school she does great there.  New people and situations are just really scary for her.
Eight is a big turning point for kids in our family.  It is the age when they start to act and seem older.  They also get more responsibilities and more is expected of them.  In my mind she has one more year of being a little kid and I want to savor it.
I love Penelope and am so happy she is in our family!


Mary-Anne said...

Happy Birthday Penelope! She is such a cute little girl. Can't believe she's 7!

Gayle Daly said...

Both my girls had blankets. I took Corinne's away when she was kind of little and I think it was a mistake. I didn't take away Shannon's. She slept with her's at the foot of her bed up thru college. :)