Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hotel Stay

Our beach house wasn't available for the first 9 days of our San Diego stay so we got the pleasure to stay in a cheap hotel.  It was honestly much harder than I thought it would be.  Everyone sharing one small room with all our stuff shoved in one closet was kind of a nightmare.  The beds weren't even queen size so two kids had to take turns sleeping on the floor every night and Bob and I felt squished.  It was pretty hard to sleep at night because the ac was very cold but if we didn't have it on the room got very hot, so the half of me facing the AC was cold all night and the other half was warm.  There was no room for the kids to move around or play at all so we tried to spend as much time as possible out of the hotel.
The best news was that they had a pool.  I don't know what we would have done without the pool.  We spent hour everyday at the pool.  The kids loved it!  In fact the kids didn't mind the hotel at all, it was just me who was struggling.
 The kids all got a better at swimming during our stay.  It's been a year since we did swim lessons and when we first arrived I realized how much worse at swimming the kids got.  During the time Tucker and Penelope were able to catch back up to where they used to be.  Scarlett wore the life jacket the entire time but she got much more comfortable in the water.  She even loved to float on her back with the life jacket like a starfish.  She would close her eyes and just relax and float around the pool.  This is huge for her because she was scared to go on her back before.
Leon on the other hand barely went in the water.  He didn't like going with his life jacket alone and he only went all the way in when Bob or I held him.  He did have fun though sitting on the steps, throwing pennies into the water for Tucker to find and playing with the chairs on the sidelines.

The hotel had no kitchen so we ate out a lot, in fact way more than I like to.  I think I'd be happy eating out once a day, but that is kind of my limit.  More than that and I just feel gross.  Wendy's is doing $.50 frostys right now by the way.  We got a few ;)  We thought the hotel would have free continental breakfast so the kids and I were disappointed when they told us only Bob go the breakfast, I guess because his work is paying for it he is the only one who gets to eat.  
I feel like kind of a complainer writing this post.  I know there are so many people with much bigger problems than this, but I had a hard week and a half and I don't want to act like it was all smiles and fun.

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