Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Laundry and Escalators

While staying at the hotel we had some unique experiences.  The first was paying $4 to wash a load of laundry!  Yep, $2 to wash and $2 to dry.  We did as little laundry as we could manage in 9 days but we still spend $8 on only two loads.
It was even a pain to come by that many quarters.  They didn't have a change machine so I had to drive around looking for a bank or different laundry mat to get quarters.
The kids liked to push buttons on the vending machines while I switched the laundry.
The hotel also had a ping pong table.  Tucker seemed to enjoy this the most.

When we went grocery shopping all the food was upstairs and they had a cart escalator.  We've never done one of these before and the kids were kind of freaking out when I pushed the cart onto it.  Lots of "no mom don't do it!"  They pretty much thought I was throwing the card of our groceries down a hill.  We had to go back and do it again just to relive the experience... and to practice.  I didn't realized it was such an issue but when we went to go down three of my kids apparently were scared and needed help on the escalator.  A line started forming behind us and it was a little embarrassing.  People had already sent their carts down so the carts were piling up unattended at the bottom while everyone waited for us to go down at the top.  We later went to the multi story library and practiced going up several floors and back down again.  Penelope got better at it and Scarlett is a little less scared now but still wants to hold hands. Leon freaked out and fell once, which just scared him more for the other times.  Another time he got scared just near the end and threw down all his books giving us no where to step off.  Books were covering the end and the top step and since we aren't supposed to walk on books I was scrambling to pick them up while we piled at the top and the people behind us starting running into us.  It was a funny mess.  Once again I'm sure the people behind us thought we were strange.

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