Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pool Videos

A couple days when we went to the pool Leon decided he didn't want to even get his swimsuit on.  He said he didn't want to go swimming.  Both days ended in him soaking wet even though he didn't get in the pool.  I should have made him put his swimsuit on.

These flips Tucker did made me nervous.  In fact after a few I told him he wasn't allowed anymore.  When I was much younger my brother attempted the same thing and cracked his head on the side of the pool.  It's not something I want Tucker to duplicate.

While at the hotel the kids thought it was fun to swipe the key card to open the door.  They usually fought about who got to do it and I tried to give them all chances.  Who know something like a key card could cause so much contention?
Because Bob was working the whole time he only got to swim in the pool once with the kids.  They sure did love it!  When I get in the water with the kids it is to work on their swimming skills, when Bob gets in it is all play time and fun.  I'm glad he does that because it is honestly easier for me to work on swimming with them then it is to splash and throw them in the air and pretend to chase them around.

Most days while were gone someone came in and cleaned up our room and made the beds.  The kids love seeing what they did with their blankets and pillows.  This day was their favorite so I took a picture.
Even though it was nice to have someone come in and vacuum and make beds for me I am happy to be out of the hotel!

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