Friday, September 9, 2016


The kids and I love SeaWorld, and because our passes are still good form our last SanDiego visit I knew we would be going to SeaWorld a lot.
I always think it is funny when we go to the zoo or SeaWorld or someplace cool and what the kids love most about it is the playground.  After getting in we headed straight to the play land.  Its nice to go there first before it gets hot and crowded.

The kids love these punching bag things.  I'm surprised they don't get knocked down more often.

Try to ignore the people talking in the next video.  Scarlett wanted to show me her trick, although I'm pretty sure her trick was just running over to me and then falling down on purpose.

Leon really struggled with the net so I helped him most of the time.  When we were about halfway up he decided it was to scary and wanted down.  I just carried him the rest of the way. He is borderline too tall for the toddler area and so I want him to be able to play with the oder kids.
We saw a few of the their shows and man was it hot!  The kids didn't want to get wet and sit in the splash zone but I wish we did.  The kid sitting in front of me had a spray bottle and kept spraying himself.  I was grateful for any mist that wafted back to me.

The shark tunnel is neat.

We also got to pet sharks, where else can you do that?
Tucker loved that the cleaner fish were eating his hands and arms.  He kept talking about how we should always go there last to wash up.  I'm not sure how sanitary it actually is.
I like having an annual pass so we can visit as long as we want without feeling the pressure to see everything.  There is a lot we didn't do this time but I knew we'd be back.

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