Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Safari Park

The safari park is always tons of fun.  It has been a while since we've gone and so one of the first things we wanted to do was visit the lemurs.  Last time Scarlett wasn't old enough to go in with the lemurs.  She was devastated about that so now that she is 5 I told her she could go in and she was thrilled.  In the end I think she realized being in with the lemurs really just means you get to stand a couple feet closer than the people outside of the fence.  It was exciting one time when the lemurs were walking around the people, but this time they were hanging back and she really couldn't get that close anyway.
I love this lookout spot.
It must have been getting close to lunch time for the lion.  It was strange to be so close and see how huge their heads are, then to have her looking at us at the same time just added to the experience.  When we usually see the lions they are sleeping.  She definitely wasn't.
My favorite part of the park is the tram.  I love hearing what the driver has to say.  This time I learned that lions only see in black and white.  I had no idea.
I often see the signs in the petting zoo area urging people not to leave their maps out but I've never seen a goat eat one until now.  The kids thought it was hilarious.  It wasn't our map by the way, he was eating it when we walked in.  Someone came over and tried to take it from him.  The goat wouldn't budge.  They eventually just ripped the paper so he had a small piece.

Penelope even wanted to pet them this time.  She is usually pretty timid when it comes to animals she doesn't know.

The safari park is huge!  We have been so many times but there was this whole little section that we went to for the first time this trip.  So crazy!

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