Thursday, September 15, 2016

San Diego Zoo

Sunblock has become part of the kids morning routine.  Eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, put on sunblock, etc.   At first I was helping them but it was taking forever so I started having them put it on themselves.  Tucker and Penelope could do it all and I would help Scarlett with her face and Leon I would help with it all.  I guess on this morning he thought he could do it himself.  I looked over and saw this mess.  He was very pleased.
That day we headed out to the zoo. Notice the stamps on the kids arms?  At some areas of the zoo different employees will give the kids animal stamps.  They got into it this time and insisted on one on each arm, not to mention the stamps for leaving the zoo.
Scarlett really wanted me to post this next picture.  I said I wanted to take a picture so she turned and smiled and then told me I should post it.  It was cute.
We took a break for lunch at the hippos.  The baby hippo we saw last year is so much bigger.  Penelope was not wanting to take this picture, hence the sour face.
I thought I would try to get a selfie with all of us in it and the flamingos in the background.  It didn't quite work.

Before we went to the zoo each child picked out and told me about an animal they wanted to visit.  Scarlett choose the owl.  Unfortunately after asking we learned that they do not have a place at the zoo where you can visit the owls.  The only way to see one is to be lucky enough to catch one of the keepers talking with an owl ambassador. At these zoo keeper talks they don't tell you which animals will be appearing so Scarlett was very happy when the owl came out.  After the owl a talking parrot came out.  They had this whole comedy routine with him, it was hilarious!  I want to stake out the keeper talks just hoping they bring out the parrot again.

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