Friday, September 16, 2016

Sand Exploring

We make sure to go to the beach everyday.  It like playing in the backyard for us.  Most days the kids want to put their swim suits on and get in the water but some days all we have time for is a beach walk or to watch the sunset.

We walked pretty far from out condo one day and Tucker found a log that he really wanted to bring back.  We helped him drag it all the way back and then he put it on the rocks and never played with it again.

I have mixed feelings about sand.  I love how it can feel warm in the sun.  Going for walks on the sand is great too.  I think the different layers and colors in the sand are cool.  But I hate how it gets everywhere.  Our house is so sandy ALL. THE. TIME.  I have to brush off my bed every night because there is sand in the sheets.
This video is from the first time we went out to the beach.  The kids have all gotten a lot more adventurous since then.

Scarlett has a way of getting tons of sand stuck in her swimsuit.  All the kids come away from the beach sandy but Scarlett somehow has 3 times as much sand inside her swimsuit as everyone else.

Tucker has been really into boogie boarding this year.  I remember last year he was more scared of it.  This year he goes deep enough to make me nervous.
Bob has been bringing the girls out and giving them rides on the surf board.  They love it.

Here is my attempt at yoga on the beach.  I want to do more, but I also just want to sit in the sand and relax while watching the kids. :)

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