Friday, October 14, 2016


One great thing about the zoo is that it is always different.  We've been quite a few times recently and every time we go there is one animal that seems to take the spotlight.  One animal that is doing something different than usual.  One animal that we spend more time on than we usually do.  One animal that peaks the kids interests and gets them wanting to learn more. This trip was all about the Koalas.

According to the internet Koalas sleep between 18 and 22 hours a day!  That is an awfully lot of sleep.  When we visit them at the zoo they are almost always sleeping.  But on this day we saw one Koala wide awake.  She was receiving acupuncture.
She is the zoos oldest Koala and the acupuncture helps her move around with less pain.  She was wide awake and we spend some time watching her.  After they pulled the needles out they gave her a little back massage.
Koalas are one of my favorite animals.  If you look behind us in the picture above you can see a koala in the tree behind us.

The orangutans were also extra active when we watched them.  Probably because they were feeding them.
We were also lucky enough to see the cheetah being fed.
It was a good trip!

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