Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beach Finds

Occasionally while jogging on the beach I run into something that makes me pull out my phone and take a picture.  Sometimes running on sand can be hard but it is totally worth it.

I see a lot of crab and lobster tails on the sand.  This was the first whole crab I saw, the body of it was probably about 5 inches wide.  It was a good size.
We also saw a boat crashed up on the beach.  Different parts of the boat were spread out along the shore.  I didn't get a picture of it but we were sure it was a boat when we saw the plastic side with the name printed on it.  I saw this chunk of it down by the Tijuana river.

One day I was surprised to see this sting ray on the beach.  It probably had a diameter of 20 inches across the circle part of it.  I didn't know there were sting rays in the water near us.  When I showed Bob he wasn't happy.  He doesn't like the idea of these things swimming around with him.
And lastly a sunset pic.  We started seeing dolphins which is really fun.  Some days there are quite a few and other times we will go days without seeing one.  I'm not sure if you can see it in the next picture, maybe if you click on it and make it big.  There is a dolphin fin about an inch down into the water under the left edge of the sun.  Good luck seeing it!

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Anna said...

totally can see the dolphin! thats awesome