Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Old Town and a Visitor

Talitha came to visit for a couple days and it was so fun.  The kids are always very excited when a someone comes to visit us and this was no exception.  The first place we took her was to Old Town SanDiego.  The kids love the historical town and since we haven't gone this trip we thought it perfect to go with Talitha.
The Mormon Battalion historical site is their favorite part.  They get to watch a movie about the battalion, pretend to enlist, and even pan for gold.

Afterwards we spent time walking around the historical buildings and other fun Mexican and tourist shops.
We were hungry when we finished so we thought we would try out Hodads.  It was recommended to us and is also listed on a few SanDiego must eat websites.
I thought it was pretty good!  The portions were huge and the food was reasonably priced.  It was loud and crowded to take the kids, but not too bad.
I thought it was cool that they had a Bacon St sign inside.  Then when we went to walk to our car we noticed the real Bacon street is right next to it.  Wouldn't it be fun to live on Bacon street?

I always think it is funny when the onion ring can't reach the dip.

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